Retaining walls

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Arthur’s skips ( Sheffield)

47 tonne of steel reinforcement Wild goose construction Wild goose Steel reinforcement Steel reinforcement Foundation Wildgoose S&i groundwork’s S&i S&i S&i S&i Basement Liverpool Retaining wall Abutment Headwall Crane base House rafts Slab pour Retaining wall Power float finished floors Bt chambers Rail track service yard 6m height concrete retaining walls Steel reinforcement, Arthur’s skips…
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Concrete Flooring in the Retail Sector

At J Henshaw we pride ourselves on providing only the most reliable and versatile flooring solutions, offering flooring for a range of industries, from distribution centres to leisure centres. Well, with such a vast array of experience, our industrial concrete flooring contractors can say confidently that a concrete flooring system is the perfect flooring option…
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Welcome to J Henshaw Reinforcement Ltd’s Blog!

Welcome to the blog of J Henshaw Reinforcement Ltd, an established concrete construction firm based in the Midlands. We’re going to keep this blog updated with all the goings-on in our business and the industry we work in to keep you informed and hopefully entertained! First though, a little history about J Henshaw Reinforcement Ltd.…
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