Concrete Flooring in the Retail Sector

At J Henshaw we pride ourselves on providing only the most reliable and versatile flooring solutions, offering flooring for a range of industries, from distribution centres to leisure centres. Well, with such a vast array of experience, our industrial concrete flooring contractors can say confidently that a concrete flooring system is the perfect flooring option for a vast array of industrial applications.

One industry which benefits greatly from the installation of concrete flooring is Retail. The busy nature of retail premises means that the flooring must be able to handle a large amount of footfall and impact whilst also remaining practical for its purpose.

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The busier your business is, the more impact that your floor needs to be able to withstand it. Concrete floors are ideal for being able to endure a large amount of footfall and pressure from machinery. If a floor cannot withstand the impact upon it then it will naturally begin to crack and crumble, and once this starts happening the safety of your customers, staff and machinery is put under jeopardy. Due to concrete flooring’s ability to withstand great pressure, this risk is significantly reduced and means that customers can visit your premises safely; which is clearly the absolute least that they should be able to expect!


With the floor standing up to such impact, the need for the flooring to be replaced is also noticeably cut. This means that less money is spent on having to replace the flooring and also means that there are fewer disruptions caused by having to repair it; an attribute that is incredibly valuable in such a busy sector.


The versatility of the flooring is such that it can be used on both the shop floor of your retail environment or in the warehouse. However, if it is used on the shop floor you may benefit from concrete’s ability to be polished or coupled with a resinous epoxy coating, which helps to boost the overall aesthetics of your flooring.

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Concrete is a fantastically durable flooring surface suitable for a vast array of applications. So if you’re in the need of help or advice with regards to whether a concrete floor is for you or your premises, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us on 07958 312 545 where one of industrial concrete flooring specialists is always available to answer any questions.